The uLisp Sensor Library is a growing collection of uLisp routines to interface to a selection of popular sensors, real-time clocks, displays, and other devices.

Where possible the routines are written so that they will work on either 8/16-bit integer versions of uLisp, or 32-bit versions of uLisp with floating point.

In every case the routines are self contained; you don't need to load any other libraries or code to use them with an installed copy of uLisp.

Many of these routines can be used in combination in a single project. For example:

  • Combine a Real-Time Clock with a Temperature Sensor and a Seven-Segment Display Module to make a clock that shows the time and room temperature
  • Combine a display with a Temperature Sensor, a Humidity Sensor, and a Pressure Sensor to make a weather station.

Feedback and support

For help with the uLisp Sensor Library, to give feedback, or to suggest other sensors, please visit the uLisp Forum.