Lisp Badge LE

This is a self-contained low-power computer with its own display and keyboard that you can program in uLisp, a version of the high-level language Lisp for microcontrollers:


It's based on an AVR128DB48 which provides 128K bytes of flash memory, and 16K bytes of RAM. There's an integrated 45-key keyboard optimised for Lisp, using reverse-mounted buttons giving room for large key legends on the PCB.

It has a low-power monochrome display, readable in daylight without a backlight, so it's ideal for programming in the garden or on the beach! This gives 10 lines of 41 characters, or graphics with a resolution of 250x122 pixels, supported by several graphics commands.

You can use it to run programs that interface to components such as LEDs and push-buttons via the I/O pins, read the analogue inputs, and operate external devices via the I2C and SPI interfaces.

For more information see: Lisp Badge LE.